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Graphtec Vinyl Cutting Plotter - FC800
5 Sizes available from 24 to 64
  • FC8000-60 (24), FC8000-75 (30), FC8000-100 (42), FC8000-130 (54), FC8000-160 (64)
  • 3 inch User Friendly LCD Control Panel
    Cutting Plotter Controller Software Utility
  • Control functions of the FC8000 from your computer
  • Obtain cutter settings and make adjustments remotely
  • Tool conditions and information can be saved and shared with other users
  • Next Generation ARMS (Auto Registration Mark Sensor)
  • System Sensitivity adjustment for registration mark detection on various media and colors
  • Optical sensor for auto alignment
  • Three Step Push-Roller Pressure Settings
  • Strong (ie: sandblast mask, high-intensity reflffllective)
  • Medium (ie: vinyl)
  • Light (ie: window tint film) *standard with FC8000-100, -130 & -160
  • USB 2.0, RS-232 Serial and new Optional Ethernet Interface
  • Ethernet Interface allows for one PC to run multiple FC8000s
  • Dual Configuration Function
  • Two different users can set & save independent settings for customized jobs on a single FC8000 machine
  • FC-8000 Control Panel

    Download the FC-8000 Series Cutter Brochure

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    FC-8000-60: 24" Cutter w\basket and stand [Add To Cart]
    FC-8000-75: 30" Cutter w\basket and stand [Add To Cart]
    FC-8000-100: 42" Cutter w\basket and stand [Add To Cart]
    FC-8000-130: 54" Cutter w\basket and stand [Add To Cart]
    FC-8000-160: 64" Cutter w\basket and stand [Add To Cart]

    Recommended design software: ULTRA-Flex

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